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Lively and vibrant Sinaw Souq is the main meeting place for the Bedouin where camels, goats and calves are auctioned and bartered. Bedouin women in traditional dress, complete with shiny metallic face-mask (burqa) trade side by side with the men and in some of the silver shops you can still find the traditional old silver Bedouin jewellery. Take the opportunity to photograph and watch turtles laying eggs and hatchlings emerging from the nests and heading… Read more


Morocco is colourful, friendly and exotic with a fascinating mix of Arab, Islamic, Berber, African and European influences. Blessed with spectacular landscapes, labyrinthine medieval walled cities and Berber fortresses, Morocco holds a special place in our hearts. Everyone should experience the ritual of haggling for a wealth of handicrafts and savour the fragrant spiciness of delicious Moroccan food. World Journeys offers a range of exciting itineraries inclusive of all transfers and sightseeing utilizing centrally located… Read more


Experience the best of Cuba’s beaches, cigars and ‘50s cars! From the expertly mixed mojitos to the traditional cuisine. Latin rhythms permeate the streets leaving your feet tapping. Practice all week and then perfect your moves in a salsa lesson with a local dance partner, a farewell night out to remember in vibrant Havana! Trapped in a time-warp, Cuba is an endlessly fascinating place with breathtaking beaches, classic cars, faded colonial buildings, people who dance… Read more


Croatia is a country of more than 1000 islands, a long and sunny coastline and rich history. A visit to Croatia is a treat for the senses, with each region showing a new face, from unspoiled islands to Roman ruins and sprawling vineyards. Read more