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Get to know the other inhabitants of our world and the lives they live in their natural habitats. Read more

Sport & Events

There’s nothing like the bustle of sports. An atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else both during the events and outside of the events. Countries come alive to show off the best they have to offer. Read more


Sometimes what you really in need is an escape from the everyday grind. Time to disconnect from the bustle of the world and give yourself some relaxation. Read more


There are so many wonderful places in the world so let’s start exploring now Read more


Experience the diversity of food and drink around the world. All around the world are tastes to experience derived from different cultures. Each culture offers unique tastes that are a wonder to experience and help open your tastebuds up to new meals. Read more


There is nothing quite like a cruise, being out in the open sea air. I’m not just talking about your traditional cruise ships either, there are plenty of experiences that take you on a different cruise boats, from a small sailing boat to a behemoth. There are so many cruises to choose from at the moment which are impossible to list. I have chosen a few that are on my Bucket List – if you… Read more


Feeling adventurous? Let me get you started. You’ll find Adventures of all kinds here, from temple exploration to crawling the tunnels from the Vietnam War in Ho Chi Minh City. There’s an adventure to suit all tastes! Read more

Beach Escapes

Beach Escapes are good for the soul, they help ease the mind. There is nothing like the heat from the sun and the sand between your toes with a great book and a cocktail for the makings of a fantastic holiday. Read more