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About Me

Welcome to Bucket List Travel, I’m Michelle and I believe that we spend too long dreaming about holidays that go onto our bucket list.  Travel is my passion and whether you are 8 or 80 everyone has places in the world that they want to travel to.


I have a bucket list, as most people do, and yes life is short and the world is large so we should make the time to tick these places off our list.


I love my job, I liken it to working in a candy store. Every day I get excited about where people want to go and I love creating that dream for them so that it can become a reality.


Whether it is a flight to Sydney, flop and drop at a tropical island or a round the world holiday I can arrange them all.


At Bucket List Travel I strive to make those holiday dreams a reality!


I also handle any corporate travel and group Travel
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My name is Cathy and I’ve recently started working at Bucket List Travel. With 10yrs previous experience in travel, I’m excited to be back in the travel industry and working alongside Michelle again. I love travelling and exploring new cultures and experiences.


In the past I’ve been lucky enough to travel to parts of the United States including Hawaii, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Rarotonga, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Indonesia  and Singapore.


There are so many other destinations I’m looking forward to exploring. At the top of my list is Vietnam, India, South America and  more of UK/Europe.


My  goal is to give every one of my clients the best service possible and to make sure their holiday is as good as it can be.


So if you are travelling for leisure or business, a family vacation, the holiday of a lifetime or travelling alone give me a call today. 




” Fill your life with adventures not things, have stories to tell not stuff to show’